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Dr Ng's Expertise in Hernia Surgery

Aside from being an expert Colorectal Surgeon in Singapore, Dr Ng is also a recognised expert hernia surgeon. He is particularly known for his meticulous laparoscopic surgery technique and is regularly sought after to train and teach other surgeons in his method. Dr Ng has performed live demonstration laparoscopic hernia surgery (in front of other surgeons) to showcase his surgery in various countries including Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar and Singapore.
Hernia Surgery Training
Dr Ng training participants in a workshop (surgery on training model) at Bangkok 2011
Dr Ng - Hernia Surgeon and Trainees
Dr Ng with Dr Rao and organisers at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok training facility 2011
APHS Hernia Society 2011
Dr Ng with Dr Sathien, President of Asia-Pacific Hernia Society
Hernia Workshop 2012
Dr Ng with teaching faculty in Hernia Workshop 2012
Laboratory Training 2012
Dr Ng with other faculty, participants and organisers in training laboratory 2012
Dr Ng Chee Yung teaching 2012
Dr Ng teaching 2012
Dr Ng with teaching faculty in Hernia Workshop 2012
Training 2014
Training workshop faculty and participants, Bangkok 2014
Live Demostration of Hernia Surgery 2014
Dr Ng and workshop participants 2014
Dr Ng Chee Yung Hernia Surgeon
Dr Ng with Dr Moe Moe Tin and Dr Koh outside Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar, after performing live surgery demonstration 2014
Laparoscopic Inguinal Surgery for Hernia
Dr Ng speaking in Brunei 2015
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